Yoga Massage Practitioner Training (Online)

Yoga Massage Practictioner Training

Yoga Massage Practitioner Training is great for yoga practitioners, teachers, masseuses, healers and more! Learn as a healing tool for your students, clients or just to share with loved ones.

The Yoga Massage we have developed and teach at My Health uses a fusion of Thai and Hawaiian bodywork with Western massage techniques. The combination of these techniques creates a very profound and healing experience for both giver and receiver.

The powerful healing system of Yoga Massage is very holistic and therapeutic. It uses a combination of acupressure, asana, stretching, joint mobilisation, massage, meridian therapy, breathwork and mantras (affirmations).

This special course is taught by our founder and director, Carrie-Anne Fields and owner of My Heatlh Massage, Susie Rad. Both Carrie and Susie are highly trained in yoga, healing therapies and various massage therapies and have worked together since 2001.


Course Fees


Cost: $215/month (6 months, total $1290)


$1200 upfront payment

  • For those paying per module, your course may be deferred at anytime.  You are entitled to keep any modules already activated.
    Once we activate your full course, whilst pro-rata refunds apply if you need to exit from the course, a $300 cancellation fee will apply to cover our administration and course activation costs. You are entitled to keep any modules already completed.
  • Please note no refund can be given 1 month after enrolment except where proof of ill health or grievance is officially provided.

BONUS! Full Access to My Health Yoga TV ever growing library of online classes for 12 months (Valued at $99). Plus you keep access to the online eLearning platform to the course Modules and Materials forever.



For enquiries about our Online courses contact:

Telephone: 0448 500 779

Email: online@myhealthyoga.com


MHA Accredited Training


AAMT (Austalian Association of Massage Therapists) recognised for 100 credit points.

Yoga Australia recognised for 100 credit points.

Yoga Australia Accredited

The My Health Yoga Massage Practitioner course is a 100 hour recognised course with Yoga Australia Inc. Visit Yoga Australia at www.yogaaustralia.org.au

Yoga Alliance

Continuous Education Provider

The My Health Yoga Massage Practitioner course is a 100 hr recognised course with Yoga Alliance. Visit Yoga Alliance website at: www.yogaalliance.org

6 months free access to www.myhealthyoga.tv also included for online yoga classes and meditations.


Yoga Massage Course Outline


Module 1

  • The Yoga Massage Technique

Module 2

  • Breathwork & Mantras

Module 3

  • Energy Systems:
  • Chakras & Aura
  • Meridians

Module 4

  • Healing Philosophy
  • Counselling
  • Energy Exchange

Module 5

  • Anatomy
  • Mind/Body Connection
  • Metaphysical Understanding of Body

Module 6

  • Bamboo Massage


frequently asked questions

Why is My Health Yoga offering an Online Training course?

My Health Yoga is a Training Academy for Yoga Teacher Training and Healing Courses established in 2003 who has trained thousands of the most charismatic, powerful and sought after Yoga Teachers and Healers in Australia (and now all around the world with the release of our online courses in 2014). We honestly believe that this is the best option for those who are looking for a radical change in their lives in the physical, mental and spiritual level while providing them with real world skills to generate steady income as a professional Yoga Massage Practitioner. We also have beautiful students who have joined the course as they wish to deepen their understanding of the wisdom, philosophy and practice of Yoga Massage Therapy, without the intention to provide massaage sessions to clients in a professional setting.

Can you commence anytime and how long does it take to start the course after applying?

As it’s an online training, we have enrolments open all year round. As soon as your application and payment have been received and processed you’ll be issued a login and password to access our eLearning platform. Please allow at least 24hrs from receipt of payment (emailed) for the online course to be activated. Each new student has their own personal platform to access the course and it takes time for us to upload into the system. Often access is enabled within a few hours, however, please be patient if it takes a little longer.

How long do I have to complete the course?

Strictly speaking there is no set deadline because we believe that yoga is not something that can or should be rushed, rather it’s all about your own journey and path. However we encourage students to finish within 6 months as this will encourage the smooth flow of learning. Some students are very diligent and complete the course in 1-2 months when done at full speed.

Am I able to practice as a professional Yoga Massage Practitioner after finishing the online course?

Definitely yes! This course is designed to give you more than enough elements in all areas of Yoga Massage to be a confident and proficient Yoga Massage Practitioner.  Upon graduation you can start advertising yourself as a qualified Yoga Massage Practitioner and enjoy working in this area as a new career or as an addition to other yoga or healing therapies you may already offer.  Of course, this could also be a part time job for you!

Can I get insurance?

Most certainly. Upon completing our online course you can immediately apply for association registration and liability and professional indemnity insurance so you can legally start your Yoga Massage business or sub-contract for another business. MHA (My Health Association) is internationally recognised. If need be, in most cases, we can assist you further at the completion of your training to access quality insurance in your local country through the MHA Insurance Worldwide Gateway.

Can I access the modules unlimited times?

Yes. Once you pay for a module or for the whole course you’ll get unlimited access to them. Even if we update content in years to come you’ll get access to it.

Is RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) granted?

As our course is Yoga Massage-specific, RPL is only granted if you have done prior Yoga Massage training with another school and have not finished your course for some reason. You must provide the necessary documentation (signed letter or certificate of achievement from your host school) with hours studied in the module/s in which you are seeking RPL. Personally, we feel each module in our course should be done in the specific order we have created to maximise learning, integration and personal transformation.

What are the technical requirements?

Since it is an online course, we strongly recommend having broadband internet access (eg. ADSL, Cable, 3G, etc). You will need to be online to access the video content at all times. The platform can be accessed from most mainstream browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari recommended). The platform is accessible from Windows, MacOSX, Android devices and iOS devices. If you have any technical questions please contact Carlos at carlos@myhealthyoga.com

How long have you been running the online training for?

We have been running our correspondence course since 2004 and updated in January 2014 to fully online (meaning if you choose, you can do the whole course online)

Have there been any glitches with the system, or the technology?

We ourselves have had no glitches in the technology, however, some students have had to upgrade their internet usage to broadband to download all the module videos and class videos without them pausing.

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