Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course (Retreat)

Yin Yoga Teacher Training Retreat Course

North Stradbroke Island 6th – 9th June 2020

Our Yin Yoga Teacher Training Retreat will be delivered over three days, as an an immersion experience designed to facilitate a deep understanding of Yin Yoga, and install in all attendees the confidence and experience to add this beautiful and important style of healing into their teaching repartee.

Join us at tranquil North Stradbroke Island, a short ferry from Brisbane, as we learn not only to teach Yin Yoga, but more importantly to live a life harmony and balance between our inner Yin and Yang energies. You will connect with other trainees and teachers, explore your inner metaphysics, enjoy classes and meditations, and feel the inspiration from the surroundings of our popular North Stradbroke retreat location.

Before, during and after our training, we offer a lifetime of support and connection. As a trainee and Yin practitioner, you are now fully aligned with your true path and you are assisting with individual and Universal healing. Welcome to your Yin Intensive Teacher Training!


The My Health Yoga Yin Yoga Teacher Training Course Experience

We have created a thorough course that will enable you to unleash the Yin aspect of Yoga.

As Yoga has become more and more popular in the West, Yang yoga has become by far the most dominant form of practice. Whilst Yang Yoga is powerful, healing and important, we strongly feel that Yin Yoga is equally crucial in order to achieve a truly balanced and homeostatic way of life. Universally, Yang cannot exist without Yin and vice versa. Our bodies both physical and energetic, obey this Universal law. Sacred balance is physically and metaphysically achieved through the regular practice of Yang and Yin Yoga in similar proportions.

Our course aims to give teachers and students alike the ability to unleash the Yin side of the cosmic balance to bring about a complete form of Yoga and wellbeing in our lives.

Pre-requisite: Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training or our ONLINE Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training with My Health Yoga or another accredited yoga school.

This course will give you the tools to live as the eternal witness dwelling in love, joy and peace. This energy is both healing for yourself and provides the tools for you to facilitate healing and transformation for others so that we may live in service to God/Goddess/Brahman.

Course Fees

Cost:                 $2000 (save $200)

Payment Plan: 4 x $550 (Total $2200)


  • Yin Teacher Training Course + Certification
  • Lifetime access to course videos & notes with MHY Online
  • Accommodation, meals, mentoring, online notes
  •  Yin Teacher Training Asana Workbook
  •  12 months access to My Health Yoga TV (classes, talks, meditations)
  • All meals from Friday lunch to Monday breakfast

Download Retreat Schedule: Yin Retreat Teacher Training

Additional Hours required to graduate

In addition the retreat, students will need to complete 2 assignments, 6 activities (this can be done at the retreat), 6 quizzes and 30 Yoga classes. Classes need to be completed as Yin, Restorative or Vin-Yin in style and 65% of these classes must be with MHY (online classes included) or affiliated studios.

The My Health Yoga Yin Yoga Teacher Training course is a 100 hour registered CEP course with Yoga Australia, Yoga Alliance and MHA




On successful completion of the training, you’ll receive a ‘Certiificate of Yin Yoga Teacher’. This is an ‘add on’ style for any Level 1 Yoga Teachers. For students without a Level 1 Certificate who may wish to do this course for self-development, a ‘Certificate of Participation’ will be issued which can later be used as proof of training if later you become a qualified yoga teacher or for credit points with any yoga association or fitness association.

Asanas Pranayama & Mantras

  • Learn how to teach and safely execute the most effective and Yin Yoga Asanas
  • Pranayama for Yin practice and kriyas for cleansing
  • Mantras for transformation

June 6


The Meridians

  • The energetic body in a Yin Yoga class.
  • Working with Chi and Prana
  • Sounds of Meridians for releasing

June 7


Anatomy and Physiology for Yin Yoga

  • Anatomy and Physiology for the Yin body.
  • Yin and Yang Metaphysical anatomy.

June 7


Yin Yoga Philosophy

  • How to support our Inner Goddess to live balanced, successful and prosperous life (inc. Yamas & Niyamas)
  • Fine tuning our Chakras to increase spiritual power & wisdom. Experience Kundalini rising at greater levels.

June 8


Teaching and Sequencing

  • Tips and practical theory about how to coduct a powerful and restorative Yin Class.
  • Safety and teaching methodology.

June 8


Healing Practices for Yin Yoga

  • How to enhance the healing power of Yin.
  • Healing with Crystals, Aromatherapy, Angel cards, Herbs and Sound.

July 9


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