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Welcome to My Health Yoga.

Yoga. The Integration Of The Mind, Body & Spirit.

Yoga heals, nourishes, and challenges us. My Health Yoga yoga classes and workshops are located in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.

Yoga has been leading people to a healthier and more fullfilled life since about 3000 B.C. Yoga is a practical aid, not a religion, and yoga techniques can be practiced by all!

My Health Yoga offers a unique range of programs, workshops, massage and natural therapies:

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The Many Benefits Of Yoga

There are many benefits of Yoga, from improved physical health to self-realisation, including:

The Many Benefits Of Yoga Re-alignment of the body.
The Many Benefits Of Yoga Stretches and tones muscles and skeletal framework of the body. Joints become more flexible.
The Many Benefits Of Yoga Yoga calms the mind, increases concentration and clarity.
The Many Benefits Of Yoga Yoga reveals the True Self. Increases consciousness.
The Many Benefits Of Yoga Removal of toxins from the body and emotions, releasing vast resources of untapped energy and higher awareness.
The Many Benefits Of Yoga Improved circulation, ensuring a rich supply of nutrients and oxygen to the cells of the body.
The Many Benefits Of Yoga Activates meridians.

Who can Do Yoga?

Yoga may be practiced by anyone regardless of age, sex or physical ability. Ages range from children to the elderly. The more stiff, tired or stressed the body, the more you are in need of yoga!

How Often Can I Do Yoga?

Some people practice yoga daily. At least once a week is recommended to get the full benefits. Yoga can be done as often as you like. The more yoga you do, the better you will feel! We provide yoga classes seven days a week on the Gold Coast and Brisbane.

So come on down to one of our Gold Coast Yoga Classes Yoga Classes or Brisbane Yoga Classes. If you have any questions about yoga please Contact My Health Yoga.

About My Health Yoga

Meet The MHY Team

Carrie-Anne Fields. (

My Health Founder, Owner and Director. Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher/Psychologist


Carrie has owned and operated My Health Broadbeach since 1998, specialising in yoga, counselling, acupuncture, reiki, tarot and ka huna bodywork. She holds a Bachelor of Psychology, is a Reiki Master, and is certified in acupuncture, kinesiology 1/11, Swedish Massage and Ka Huna Bodywork. Carrie-Anne is an accredited Level 3 Senior Yoga Teacher with Yoga Teacher's Association of Australia. Carrie-Anne has studied yoga for over ten years with various teachers in Australia, India, Thailand and America, has taught full time since 1999, and has spent regular retreat periods in silent meditation. My Health Yoga now has a second studio in New Farm, and run teacher training courses from Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Brisbane. Carrie-Anne practices karma yoga by offering free counselling and healing services to anybody who is in need. Carrie and Carlos launched in 2014 My Health Yoga Online Teacher Training effectively bringing the posibility of becoming a Yoga Teacher to anyone anywhere in the world.

Carrie was featured on the cover of Australia Yoga Journal issue 52. Find more HERE


Matty McDonnell (

My Health In-house Owner/MHA Co-Owner. Teacher Trainer/Healer/Registered Nurse

With a background as an Intensive Care Nurse and Beauty Therapist, Matty has a devotion to caring for people on all levels. Commencing yoga to quiet his mind (Chitta Vritti Nirodah) Matty found that this 6000 year old practice sung to his soul and reunited a flame deep within his heart. Studying directly under Carrie-Anne Fields both as a
Yoga Teacher and Reiki Master, this bhakti yogi will connect with your authentic self by assisting you to peel away layers.

Matty's multiple qualifications include:

  • Registered Nurse
  • Masters of Advanced Practice Nursing (Critical Care)
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Level 2 Trained Yoga Teacher & Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Reiki Master
  • Intuitive Healer
  • Lululemon Ambassador
  • Beauty Therapist
  • Currently studying Diploma of Counselling


Carlos Salazar ND (

MHA Co-Owner/MHY Online Co-Owner. Naturopathic Doctor/IT Engineer. Level 2 Senior Yoga Teacher and Healer.

Carlos is a qualified Level 2 My Health Yoga teacher, Reki Master, Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritional medicine specialist trained inthe Australia College of Natural Medicine. Carlos is also an Information Technology Engineer with a master degree from the Kanazawa Institute of Technology in Japan. He became a qualified Level 1 & 2 Teacher through My Health Yoga where he also completed his Healer course and Yin Yoga Course qualification.

Carlos co-teaches the Online Yoga Teacher Training with Carrie-Anne Fields. Among his hobbies are film making, photography and video editing. Carlos shares his passion about food and wellbeing on his videos and blogs in his Youtube channel and Facebook pages.

Carlos currently resides in Vancouver Canada where he operates the Online and technical side of My Health Yoga & My Health Association, and gives support and guidance to My Health Yoga Online Students and My Health Yoga TV Members.



Our range of programs, workshops, natural therapies and products include:

My Health offers a unique range of programs and services Workshops & Retreats
My Health offers a unique range of programs and services Massage & Natural Therapies
My Health offers a unique range of programs and services Yoga Teacher Training
My Health offers a unique range of programs and services Healers Course
My Health offers a unique range of programs and services Yoga Products

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Level 1 Online Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Become a fully certified Level 1 Yoga teacher from home with My Health Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training.

We are proud to launch our Level 1 Online Yoga Teacher Training which captures the essence and soul of our traditional and proven teacher training course. We honestly believe this is the best option for those who are looking for a radical change in their lives on the physical, mental and spiritual level whilst providing them with real world skills to generate a steady income as a Yoga Teacher. We also have beautiful students who have joined and become Yoga teachers without the aim to teach as they wish to deepen their understanding of the wisdom, philosophy and self practice of Yoga

Power Yoga Workshop with Yoga NRG


NEW Level 2 Online Yoga Teacher Training Course.

Become a fully certified Level 2 Yoga teacher from home with My Health Yoga Online Yoga Teacher Training Level 2.

A flexible and thorough course for those who are willing to take personal responsibility for themselves and for all that they have created in their life. This course will not only serve to elevate your consciousness, it will assist planetary healing. This course will give you the tools to live as the eternal witness dwelling in love, joy and peace. This energy will be used for yourself and it is highly requested that you spread this energy to others and live in service to god/goddess/brahman.

Power Yoga Workshop with Yoga NRG

ONLINE Healers Course visit:

Brand New!
Become a fully certified Reiki Master and Healer!

My Health Yoga Healers Course is a powerful journey of personal transformation and healing, as well as providing many tools and techniques for facilitating healing for others. Our graduates have gone on to run healing centres, healing retreats or work in various centres where healing therapies are offered. One of the main qualifications from this course is to become a Reiki Master, enabling you to run your own Reiki workshops.

Power Yoga Workshop with Yoga NRG


For the In-House (Brisbane and Gold Coast) Yin Yoga Course Visit:

For the ONLINE version of our Yin Yoga Course visit:


Click HERE to find out our 2016 Masterclass Schedule. Bookings essential.

Meet Our Students

Yoga is a mirror, to look at ourselves within.

- BKS Iyengar