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ONLINE Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Course: Going Deeper.

A flexible and thorough course for those who are willing to take personal responsibility for themselves and for all that they have created in their life. This course will not only serve to elevate your consciousness, it will assist planetary healing.

Natural Therapies Pre-requisite: Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training or our ONLINE Level 1 Yoga Teacher Training with My Health Yoga or another accredited yoga school.

This course will give you the tools to live as the eternal witness dwelling in love, joy and peace. This energy will be used for yourself and it is highly requested that you spread this energy to others and live in service to god/goddess/brahman.

Carrie & Carlos answer your questions:

Meet the Online Yoga Teacher Training Students:

My Health Yoga has been training yoga teachers since 2003 making us one of the original teacher tranining schools.

With over 1000 graduates and counting it is easy to find My Health Yoga teachers in your community. It is a known fact that My Health Yoga trained teachers are the most highly regarded and sought after teachers in south-east Queensland, and also in regional areas where our online students train.

Our teachers are so popular because of the perfect mix between traditional and modern yoga provided through our course. Whilst the asana is a key component of our course we uphold the spiritual essence of Yoga.

Because of this, the vast majority of our Yoga teacher graduates find teaching positions quickly in a wide range of settings such as yoga studios, fitness centres, health clubs, spas, schools, etc. Many of our graduates have founded their own studio with some onto their second and third studio.

My Health Yoga is an eclectic approach to yoga and encourages the teacher trainee not to limit her/his learning to these courses alone. External knowledge and information may be gathered on yoga for your lifetime, and internal, intuitive understanding of yoga will also be developed over your lifetime.

In this modern era, yoga has many approaches and applications and it is impossible to teach the wide variety of techniques and styles. At My Health, we aim to provide you with yoga classics, and assist you to build upon this with your own style. Just as there is no one path towards God/Goddess(Brahman), there is no one path with yoga, only your own.

On completion of this course you will feel very confident to teach various yoga styles, creative yoga sequences, advanced asanas, pranayama, yoga philosophy, chanting and meditation. You will explore anatomy and physiology, eating for higher consiousness, alignment, adjusting, meridians and more! You will become an adept yoga healer and develop the skills to counsel students. Most importantly, however, you will learn about the Self and unconditional love.

Please contact us to ask about our rich and loved history with yoga, health and healing. We would love to chat with you over the phone or by email and also find out about you and your passions.

Online Level 2 Yoga Teacher Training Course

Teacher Training - Level 1

This is part-time yoga course that can be completed with a full-time job. You'll be able to progress on your own time and revisit modules and all sections as many times as you want. You'll have access to a total of 12 modules, 12 activities, 5 assignments, 5 questionnaires, online yoga clases, plus more.

All our online courses can be completed fully Online. There are no 'In Person' hours required to become certified and accredited.

Yoga Australia Inc. The My Health Yoga Online Teacher Training Level 2 is a 200 hour registered course with Yoga Australia Inc. Visit Yoga Australia at

My Health Association The My Health Yoga Online Teacher Training Level 2 course is accredited with the MHA (My Health Association). Internatinally recognised association for local insurance. Please visit MHA at

On successful completion of the training, you will be certified by My Health Yoga, and will be eligible for Level 2 Yoga Teacher status with your yoga association and full insurance as a Level 2 Yoga Teacher. The Level 2 course is aimed at those who are already practicing yoga teachers and will provide the necessary training and qualifications to for trainees to conduct their own workshops. This will add considerable benefit to the trainee's yoga business.

My Health Yoga  Level 2 Online Teacher Training Topics


Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Read And Summarise
In your own words read and summarize the essence of the message in one of the following books (Or Any Other Relevant Book Of Your Choice) - Minimum 1000 Words:
Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Bhagavad Gita
Teacher Training 2 - Assignments The Power Of Now - Eckhart Tolle
Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Being Peace - Thich Nhat Hahn
Teacher Training 2 - Assignments A Return To Love - Marianne Wiliamson

Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Self Development Exercises
This will include affirmation writing, awareness of subconscious thought patterns etc.
Exercises will be given to you throughout the course.

Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Case Study
You will be given a case history of a person outlining their physical problems only. You will write a metaphysical understanding of their condition and how to assist this person to heal through yoga.

Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Design a Workshop
You will be asked to design your own workshop. The workshop will be on any area/s of interest to you in yoga and related therapies.

Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Recommended Readings
Autobiography Of A Yogi, By Paramahansa Yogananda - to gain a deep understanding of the power of Yoga And Meditation. Also have a copy of The Yoga Sutras.

Teacher Training 2 - Assignments Yoga Classes
30 yoga classes will need to be logged for certification. Classes can be done Online thorugh our sister website to which you will gain full access as an Online student. Students can also choose to take classes in person at a local accredited studio if they wish (Students will be responsible for the extra cost for these classes).

Online Teacher Training FAQ:

Why is My Health Yoga offering an Online Yoga Teacher Training course?

My Health Yoga is a Yoga Teacher Training Academy established in 2003 who has trained thousands of the most charismatic, powerful and sought after Yoga Teachers in Australia.
We have always offered our in-house training in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Townsville as well as a correspondence course for those who are not able to come physically to the workshops for different reasons such as living in another state, work and family commitments. We are proud to launch the new version of our correspondence course as now a full online teacher training that captures the essence and soul of our traditional and proven teacher training course.   We honestly believe that this is the best option for those who are looking for a radical change in their lives in the physical, mental and spiritual level while providing them with real world skills to generate steady income as a Yoga Teacher.  We also have beautiful students who have joined and become Yoga teachers without the aim to teach but because they wish to deepen their understanding of the wisdom, philosophy and self practice of Yoga

Can you commence anytime and how long does it take to start the course after applying?
As it’s an online teacher training, we have enrolments open all year round. As soon as your application and payment have been received and processed you’ll be issued a login and password to access our eLearning platform. Please allow at least 24hrs from receipt of payment (emailed) for the online course to be activated. Each new trainee has their own personal platform to access the course and it takes time for us to upload into the system. Often access is enabled within a few hours, however, please be patient if it takes a little longer.

How long do I have to complete the course?
Strictly speaking all the My Health Yoga Teacher Training courses have no set deadline because we believe that Yoga is not something that can or should be rushed, rather it’s all about your own journey and path.  However we encourage students to finish within 12 months as this will encourage the smooth flow of learning. Some students are very diligent and complete the course in 3-5 months when done at full speed.

Am I able to teach after finishing the online course?
Definitely yes! This course is designed to give you more than enough elements in all areas of yoga to be a confident and proficient teacher in most styles of yoga. Many students find teaching positions immediately after finishing their course and in some cases even before.  My Health Yoga teachers have earned the reputation of being extremely knowledgeable and well trained, they are sought after by yoga schools, academies, gyms, spas and many other entrepreneurial students open their own studio immediately.

Is RPL (Recognised Prior Learning) granted?
As our course is yoga-specific, RPL is only granted if you have done prior yoga teacher training with another school and have not finished your course for some reason. You must provide the necessary documentation (signed letter or certificate of achievement from your host school) with hours studied in the module/s in which you are seeking RPL.  Please note only a maximum of 2 modules can be granted RPL. Prior non-yoga training cannot be assessed by My Health Yoga and we advise contacting Yoga Australia if you are seeking RPL in this case. Personally, we feel each module in our course should be done in the specific order we have created to maximise learning, integration and personal transformation.

Can I get insurance?
Most certainly. Whilst most yoga schools are accredited only by one registering body, My Health Yoga is accredited by Yoga Australia, and My Health Association. Upon completing our online course you can immediately apply for association registration and liability and professional indemnity insurance so you can legally start teaching. My Health Association is internationally recognised for any trainees who need to do a full online course and who wish to teach anywhere in the world.

Which styles of Yoga will I be able to teach?
On our Level 1 Teacher Training we focused on Hatha, Vinyasa, and also specialised groups such as Kids Yoga, Pregnancy Yoga and Elderly Yoga.  With our Level 2 you’ll learn about advanced techniques for Creative Vinyasa, Restorative/Healing Yoga, Yin Yoga, Partner Yoga and Advanced Postures (Arm balances, Inversions, Flexibility and Strength  Postures).

Can I access the modules unlimited times?
Yes. Once you pay for a module or for the whole course you’ll get unlimited access to them. Even if we update content in years to come you’ll get access to it.

What are the technical requirements?
Since it is an online course, we strongly recommend having broadband internet access (eg. ADSL, Cable, 3G, etc). You will need to be online to access the video content at all times. The platform can be accessed from most mainstream browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari recommended). The platform is accessible from Windows, MacOSX, Android devices and iOS devices. If you have any technical questions please contact Carlos at

Do I have to pay upfront?
Paying upfront attracts a considerable discount but we are also able to break down payments per modules. My Health Yoga Online Teacher Training is the most affordable Yoga Teacher Training Course and it’s also accredited by 3 highly reputable Yoga accrediting bodies. We believe that the investment for this course will bring you incredible value to you for the rest of your life. Becoming a My Health Yoga teacher is a life changing experience you can’t afford to miss. Transform your body mind and soul today.

How long have you been running the online training for?
We have been running our correspondence course since 2004 and updated in Dec 2013 to fully online with our Online Teacher Training Level 1 with great success.

Have there been any glitches with the system, or the technology?
We ourselves have had no glitches with the technology, however, very few students have had to upgrade their internet connection to broadband to download all the module videos and class videos seamlessly.  If you ever experience any technical issues feel free to contact Carlos (who is also an IT Engineer) and we’ll be happy to help you. (

What is the final process around getting registered with the appropriate national and international registration bodies? Is it as straight forward as submitting the certificate obtained at the end of your training or are there additional criteria/costs to meet? Does this then give me access to insurance?

Our school has done the work for approval regarding hours per subject so our graduates can simply fill out the basic contact details and attach a copy of our certificate when applying to yoga associations. For Australian residents, we recommend our sister business, My Health Association. You will have association membership fees and insurance fees annually. Through MHA, it is $88/annum for association membership and this gives you access to the discounted insurance scheme which is $377.30/annum. This allows you to teach anywhere (exc. US where you will need to go through a local insurer) or to open your own studio. The insurance covers $10million public liability, professional indemnity and medical malpractice. If required, MHA can also assit with a business package insurance for those who operate their own studio. MHA is internationally recognised so for our international students, you can apply for insurance with your local insurer.

For more information contact:

Carrie-Anne Fields:
Carlos Salazar:

Our Teacher Trainers

Meet our Yoga Teacher Trainers,
dedicated to their practice
and guidance of Yoga:

Carrie-Anne Fields
Principal Teacher Trainer

Carlos Salazar

Course Fees

$2160.00 All Inclusive.
The cost for the course is $180/module (total $2160) all inclusive. We currently have a special offer for a limited time of $1990 if the whole course is paid upfront in full.

Payment Plans

-$180/module (total $2160, paid monthly or by another arrangement)*
-$180 first module trial then upfront payment -$1890 (total $2070)**
-$1990 upfront payment**

All amounts are in AUD

NB. For those paying per module, your course may be deferred at anytime, however, a $100 administration fee will apply to re-instate your course. You are entitled to keep any modules already activated.
**NB. Once we activate your full course, whilst pro-rata refunds apply if you need to exit from the course, a $500 cancellation fee will apply to cover our administration and course activation costs. You are entitled to keep any modules already completed. Please note no refund can be given 1 month after enrolment except where proof of ill health or grievance is officially provided.

BONUS! 2 free in-house workshops are included in the course fees. In-house workshops are completely optional. If you wish to attend over 2 in-house workshops, a fee of $90/workshop will apply.

BONUS! Full Access to My Health Yoga TV ever growing library of online classes for 12 months (Valued at $99). Plus you keep access to the online eLearning platform to the course Modules and Materials forever.

PLUS! If you choose to visit our studios, Online Trainees may attend any yoga class at our Brisbane or Gold Coast centres, for $10 and $20 for masterclasses. It is completely optional to attend in-house classes or workshops as you can certainly complete the course as a FULL online training if preferred.

Prospective Student Guide

Application Form

Online Teacher Training Featured in Australia Yoga Journal.

Further Information about the Course
Please e-mail for a personally tailored price and course plan.

From the Students


"I just wanted to say a huge thank you to Carrie and Carlos…I'm well into exploring Module 1 and I'm astonished and oh, so thankful for the amazing range of resources and supports you have included in the course. Videos, workbooks, tests, online classes…so many things that are really, really helpful. Huge appreciation to you both - it must have been a mammoth process putting everything together in such an accessible and thorough way.

With immense gratitude,."

- S
"Hello Carrie & Carlos,
I just wanted to let you know I taught my first official class last night and it was great!!! Everyone came up after class and gave me a hug and thanked me, it felt pretty special!
So much gratitude for you and all I've learnt so far, thank you both.
Namaste "

- S
"I have started my Online Learning for Yoga Level 1 in the past few days and have briefly looked over everything I just have to say you, it is AMAZING. I cannot believe how thorough the course is and how you have gone into depth with the metaphysical benefits as well, I am so excited and this course is fantastic! In love already!
Thank you thank you !!"

"Hi guys

I just wanted to say how impressed I am so far with the course content and structure. It's really reassuring that something online for something so physical can feel so thorough. I'm really enjoying your classes as well Carrie - thank you."


"Dear Carrie
Thanks a lot for guiding me through the whole course, i have learnt a lot from this course, and really appreciate that, once again, universe has chosen the best for me!

Here is a bit sharing about my learning.
when I write my assignments, I never feel like it's a assignment, it's more like a self reflection to me for my past. All these vedios and assignment give me deeper and refreshed understanding about my life experience and lessons. That's why I enjoy the couse so much.

About the online yoga class, I make my own fun about it. I do not practice with every online class I had watched. Sometimes I just sit there and listen, listen how you describe every asana, how you guide the energy through, etc. And sometime I just mute the vedio, watch the vedio and imagine I am teaching, the talk through the class, see how I describe every movement by my own words. It's a great fun ^_^

During my training, I experice few turbulences. And your blog light a light for me, to learn truly trust universe plan and myself, to learn true surrender and acceptance. Today i still read your blog now and then, try to find the wisdom from words and sentences.

Once again, big thanks with gratitude
My very first own yoga class start next Monday at Griffith Uni Fitness, and I will keep coming to MHY for classes^_^

"I am on such an amazing journey at the moment, I am just amazed. Just loving every minute (a little nerve-wracking at times, but cannot be happier). I am currently taking a class of ladies who have scoliosis and I am getting such positive feedback from them, so awesome!

I just want to thank you guys for the unbelievable knowledge and encouragement you have given. This has been such a HUGE step of personal growth for me and it trickles down to my students and family.


"Hi Carrie-Ann,
Im currently taking your on line level 1 teacher training & i just wanted to say thankyou, i am learning so much & am so filled with love & gratitude for this experience my life is changing & unfolding in ways i never imagined, Thankyou to all at My Health Yoga have a beautiful day.

"Hello My Lovelies,

Just completed the Alignment Workshop…. LOVED IT!!! You are both wonderful teachers J I am blessed to be trained by you. I loved the outtakes ;) …. Brilliant end to the video!

Thank you for your excellent advice, course notes and just all round loveliness!!!

Namaste, Love and Light



Firstly I just wanted to let you know just how much I love the online yoga videos provided with the online teacher training course. The posture and alignment queues are very thorough and make me feel as if I’m at an actual class (actually, they are probably much better than some of the classes I have been too!). I also love how you mention the impact on the meridians of the body, which no other yoga instructor has discussed before that I have heard. This resonates with me particularly due to my massage background with a particular interest in acupressure and TCM. I’m really happy with the course so far."


"Hi Carrie and Carlos,

I am about halfway through my online teacher training and I wanted to share how awakened I feel from this experience so far and to just sincerely thank you for guiding me onto this beautiful path. People close to me have even been commenting on how radiant and happy I am lately, and it is because of the knowledge and awareness I have gained through you."



Firstly I just wanted to let you know just how much I love the online yoga videos provided with the online teacher training course. The posture and alignment queues are very thorough and make me feel as if I’m at an actual class (actually, they are probably much better than some of the classes I have been too!). I also love how you mention the impact on the meridians of the body, which no other yoga instructor has discussed before that I have heard. This resonates with me particularly due to my massage background with a particular interest in acupressure and TCM. I’m really happy with the course so far."


"Hi Carlos,

Having JUST submitted my Assignment 2 - the only thing left outstanding now is my Assignment 5! I CAN NOT BELIEVE how quickly I've come to the end ... I have enjoyed this learning and training so very much. (And I already have a job waiting for me at a local wellness studio when I'm qualified - woohoo!)

THANK YOU for your wonderful training course. This whole thing has literally been a 'life changer' for me."


"Hi Carrie ,

I have started the course. Thank you for this amazing opportunity . The web content is very straight forward and easy to understand. I am very pleased with my decision"


"Carrie & Carlos I can feel your authenticity through the screen :-) you know what you are talking about and that is obvious.
This is what I was looking for - to be inspired and taught by people 'walking the walk'."