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MEET THE STUDENTS. Our best asset at My Health Yoga.

Shakti Groove Join our mailing list of students in Brisbane and Gold Coast.

For all Yogis who want to meet and stay in touch with other Yogis even after your classes and workshops, we have created a mailing list.

Creating a network of contacts with other Yogis is sometimes the best way to learn about teaching oportunities around your area, and a great way to stay in touch with everyone.

By entering your email address and other information we will build a list of yogis who would like to stay in touch with other yogis in your area. We will forward the complete email list to each person who enters their email, forthnigtly or monthly depending on numbers of new members.

(*Please note we will never give or sell this information in any way or form to another entity for commercial or advertising purposes, this is strictly from our Yogis to our Yogis).


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